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Maui Solar Power Pro is Maui’s premier solar power solutions provider, dedicated to harnessing the abundant Hawaiian sunlight to empower homes and businesses. We are experts in the installation of high-efficiency solar panels, transforming your property into a beacon of sustainable and cost-effective energy. Join the solar revolution with Maui Solar Power Pro and embrace a greener, brighter future. Maui Solar Power Pro delivers home energy solutions that save you money and lower your carbon footprint. What will you do with the results?

our solution to low-cost, clean, reliable energy your family can depend on.

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It's a simple process that only requires your utility bill to get started. HOW DOES IT WORK?

It's simple, We collect your utility bill so we can design a custom savings proposal for your home. Then, we schedule a consultation to review your best money saving options.

This is our promise to you.

We will always provide the best value
We will treat you like friends and family, because you are
We will provide a diversity of products, services, and ideas to deliver the best solution for YOUR needs
We will communicate with you honestly and openly throughout your installation process
We will support you after the sale
And should you choose, we will welcome you to share the Powur experience with your friends and family, and help us create a cleaner planet

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If you want to put the sun to work for you, connect with us by filling out the form below. An experienced Powur Solar Seller will listen to your needs, help you choose the right materials and loan products, and make sure to include every tax incentive and rebate available.

You’ll receive a free, no-obligation proposal for $0-down solar so you can go solar with total confidence.

Why solar – can go zero down, save to 10 to 50% off current bill, increase value of your home, become energy dependent, 100% clean energy.

  • Embrace a Greener Lifestyle: Solar power is one of the cleanest forms of energy available. It’s a fantastic way to play an active role in reducing your carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the environment. When you choose solar energy, you are choosing to respect and cherish our planet, contributing to the global effort against climate change.

  • Bask in the Savings: While the initial outlay for a solar system may seem substantial, the reality is that you’re investing in a future of significant financial savings. After installation, ongoing costs are minimal while the sun’s energy is abundant and free! Most solar panel owners experience a noticeable decrease in their electricity bills. In some regions, you can even sell excess power back to the grid. Just imagine that – your house could generate income for you!

  • Celebrate Energy Independence: Solar power allows you to become a master of your own energy production. By creating your own electricity, you shield yourself from unpredictable energy prices, giving you a sense of security and peace of mind. It’s like having your personal power plant at home!

  • Boost Your Property Value: Solar panels are a shining beacon when it comes to property value. Studies show that solar-equipped homes enjoy higher property values and tend to sell faster than those without. As the awareness of solar energy grows, your solar-equipped property becomes more appealing to potential buyers.

  • Capitalize on Government Incentives: Governments worldwide are eager to reward those who take the solar leap. With various tax credits, rebates, and incentives on offer, the initial cost of installing solar panels can be significantly offset, making solar power an even more enticing choice.

Embrace the sun! By adopting solar power, you're not just opting for an energy source, but choosing a brighter, cleaner, and more financially rewarding future. Come, be a part of the solar revolution!

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